Global Support


There have been some rare reports of issues with some versions of Apple’s Safari browser. If you are using an iPhone or Apple computer and are experiencing problems, simply download Google Chrome browser and enroll using that browser.

In most cases, the email has gone to your spam and trash folder. Look for the email subject: —Link to Registration. In some rare cases, especially if you created a brand new email for your business, our third-party email server can take 24 to 72 hours to deliver your email. This is because of the large number of new customers coming into rNetwork and email validation issues. Please be patient.

Do NOT try to sign up again from the start of the registration process, the system will not allow duplicate social security numbers or emails. Simply go to the email you received from when you registered for the first time and verified your email address by clicking on the link. Click on that same link to complete your registration. It will take you to the correct page where you can continue your registration and payment. If you can’t find the email link, you can request one be sent to you by our customer service department. *see contact form below.

In the near future, you will have the ability to change this information in your back office. However, during our soft launch you will need to contact customer service for these changes. For name, email and other profile information changes, please send the change you desire in the form at the bottom of this page and we will update your information for you. DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION THROUGH THIS FORM. Just state that you need to change your credit card info and we will contact you.

The compensation plan is unique in that people above you are helping build your organization. This means that “spillover” will happen and people may be placed below you in your TBS, sometimes in what you may consider as “important” spots. The TBS placement is NOT as important in this compensation structure as what you are probably used to. Once a person is placed in the structure, as a policy, we will not move them.

Customer service can NOT assist you with placement concerns, please talk to your upline for questions you may have regarding organizational placement.