Quick Start Guide

How to Get Started with r network

becoming a charter member

Become a Charter Member

  1. Get Back To The Person Who Referred You and ask for their registration LINK if you do not already have it. With that referral link, just click and enter your information to get registered.
    *remember, this information will eventually be used to open up your bank account for your revv card, so make sure the information is accurate and matches your government id.
  2. Pay your Enrollment Fee to become a Charter Member-Your monthly subscription fee will include the ability to earn commissions as well as access to exclusive benefits.
  3. Become a founding member by personally enrolling 10 people. “10 in the PEN” (Personal Enrollment Network).
reaping the benefits

Your subscription includes:

  • Discount web portal with discounts on travel, and products and services at over 375,000 (and growing) merchants worldwide (Will most likely save more than $38/month here alone!)
  • A position in r network’s charter member organization (3X10 balanced auto-filled matrix) where you can earn (on top of your savings) a residual income, while you await the launch of the actual Revv Card, and many other additional products and services.
  • Joining a worldwide network of individuals who share the same goals, dreams, and passions.
  • Becoming part of a movement to change the financial future of its members.
  • Being one of the first to position yourself in front of a potential avalanche of members/App users.
  • And even better, being out in front of a card that has the potential of possibly becoming a household name.
using the revv card

Once the card is issued:

  • You will ALSO receive a commission anytime anyone in your organization uses their Revv Card.
  • Have the opportunity to refer customers, receive $25 (one time), and a commission every time they use their Revv Card.
  • Save money while shopping.
  • Receive a commission while others save money.

What makes us different from other digital cards?

  • Revv card serves as a debit card attached to a Bank Account that has all benefits of a regular bank account.
  • Heightened security,
  • Revenue model based on fee sharing,
  • Can serve as a payroll card for business owners,
  • Card is accepted almost anywhere Visa/Mastercard is accepted anywhere in the world, this includes using ATMs Worldwide via STAR Network.

Advance Features

  • 1.73 inch OLED Touch Screen
  • Dynamic EMV Chip
  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • MIC and Speaker for—
  • Bluetooth connectivity